Product Description

The parts to be treated where they are dispersed in the desired orientation to the designated location within the transport capacity of the machine parts which can process the vibratory feeding machine is called or the vibrator briefly.

Updated as non-specialized manufacturers using conventional manufacturing techniques they provide feeding machines, center of gravity, geometry, shape and system capabilities have been made without consideration. This study as a result of the system as soon as possible to implement and save the day in order to remedy additional converters, carriers, direction finder, sensors and pneumatic systems supporting more complex, costly and inefficient vibratory feeding machine is manufactured.

Expert and informed with our staff; reliable, high quality, as simple as possible, containing the current technology, low maintenance cost and meets customer expectations in our house with all the vibratory feeding machine manufacturing.


Control System: 220 V 50 Hz 2.2 Amp
Feed Kapisete: 60 pcs / minute
Vibration Speed: 1 - 10 Stage