Product Description

Two Sides Labeler With Wrap Station uses self-adhesive label, can simultaneously label front and back of square, flat, round and ellipse bottles. Can also label on only one side. Especially it's just needs 20 second to become the complete Wrap Around Labeling mode and label the round bottle whole around or what you want. Two Sides Labeler With Wrap Station is manufactured in high quality control and setting the developed control system of Panosonic design. Every system designs all achieve the best condition and the best stable in any environment. Even in the fast speed, the machine could remain exactly labeling, let your product show high quality sense to attract consumer's eyes and become the focus in the market. Anyone could not control oneself no buy your product.


Labelling Speed    :40-120 Bottles / Min

Labelling Drive     :4 Phase Stepper Motors

Control Interface  :Touch Panel  Panasonic

Product Diameter :20-90 mm

Product Height     :30-240 mm

Core  Diameter     :76 mm

Label Roll O.D      :260 mm

Voltage Supply     :220 Vac / 50- 60 Hz

Power                  :500 Watt

Material               :Frame and Main Components are Made From  304 Stainless Steel and Aluminum.